Happy Holiday Brew Review

That’s right the holidays are here and, Lord help us all, the drinks are flowing. I asked for the wonderful assistance of my good friend, Dave Hilgier, once again to join me for a tasting of winter seasonal brews only. The appeal for this occasion was the unique chance to judge the best tasting winter ale. To my surprise, the winter seasonal brews are almost entirely comprised of ales. There were a few porters on shelves but we figured for the sake of standards that selecting one type of beer for blind tasting would be best.
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Pilsener Beers


There are a lot of strange things about the Pils that truly identifies it as a class all its own. The Beer’s brewing history and process truly add the proto nature of its form and flavor. And when I say proto, I merely mean that its a Beer that hearkens back to simpler times, ingredients and methods of making alcohol. Continue reading

Hornet Denver

Blackened Chicken BLT at Hornet with Sweet Potato Fries

Blackened Chicken BLT at Hornet with Sweet Potato Fries

Hornet is one of our favorite restaurants in Denver.

I usually get “Buffalo Chicken Wrap” but today I tried “Blackened Chicken BLT” instead. The side must be  “Sweet Potato Fries”

“BC BLT” was good but too much bread?!  for me. I guess I like Wrap better.  But the grilled Chicken was seasoned really good.  “Sweet Potato Fries” always satisfies my expectation….

Check out this fabulous restaurant! Saturday, Stella is $3.50.

Sour Beer

Sour Beer

Sour Beer

Have you had Sour Beer before?

Check out http://www.beachwoodbbq.com/

Hop cam tells you what kind of beers on tap daily.