Free Gelato Day at Wholefoods

What am I talking about? Is there really a free gelato day at Wholefoods? No. But there should be. For what they charge to fill a bag of groceries there should be a consumer appreciation day.

I know I have misdirected some of you but allow me to whisk you away to this far away city known as Denver Colorado, wherein I will tell you a tale that involves an old friend, goat tacos and free gelato. Continue reading

Le Central the BEST French Restaurant in Denver

Friday 10/16, right after work, we wanted to go out right away after the work to start out weekend fabulous! We thought about going to get a gourmet burger… that’s not so fabulous… thought about going to the Cherry Creek North, they usually have great restaurant selections… but then we did not want to drive all the way to the Cherry Creek North….

Then, I had this vision of “Moules et Frites”…. Ahhhhh “Le Central” Zach agreed immediately, which we started driving that direction.

When we get there around 5:30pm, the restaurant was nearly empty (Lucky~!) So we were seated right away and our fabulous weekend has begun.

We ordered L’ Ail, Le Brie, et Les Croutons as an appetizer, which is a baked whole garlic head, Brie cheese, and small toasts.
L' Ail, Le Brie, et Les Croutons
The baked garlic was like butter, spread the garlic and brie cheese onto the toast, sprinkle with diced Tomato and basil… Yummy~!!! It is so simple but yet the flavor of the roasted garlic, brie, tomato and basil was bold. What a great starter! Zach had some red wine, which was sweet for me but enough dryness with it for Zach 🙂

I ordered Moules Portuguaise, the steamed Mussels in this fantastic broth with Portuguaise Sausage, diced tomato and bottomless potato fries!
Sorry, these pictures suck because the lighting of the restaurant…
Moules Portuguaise
This is addictive. Even though I was quite full from the appetizer but I could not stop eating… As you can see how much mussels they serve, I have to say this is a one of the lightest dishes.

Zach ordered Cassoulet du Central, which was lamb, onions, and duck confit simmered with Provence herbs and white beans, topped with grilled pork sausage and gratineed with bread crumbs, like casserole.
Cassoulet du Central
All the meats looked so tender and perfect for the cold fall night. I’ll ask Zach to write about this dish later on!

After the meal, we thought about stopping the dinner right there but the waiter asked us “Would you like to look at the dessert menu?” and I said “I’ll just wanna look at the menu…” Well, you all know there is no “Just look at the menu”… we ended up ordering La Creme Brulee.
La Creme Brulee
The custard was creamy and had a good taste of vanilla. The surface of the custard was very crispy caramelized sugar crust. This sounds very sweet but it’s not… just right amount of sugar in this dessert. I could eat the bucket of this…

All these dishes and 3 glasses of wine, it was less than $60.00. I have to say “What a deal!!”

The atmosphere of this restaurant is cozy but yet romantic 🙂 For the special occasion or just for fun, try Le Central for the Best French Food in Denver~!

Happy Eating!
Mrs. H

Cinnamon rolls grilled

Most Fridays I decide that the week has been so busy and that I have accomplished so much, that I deserve to treat myself to some kind of edible reward. Often this will manifest itself in the afternoon with a beer at one of the local Boulder pubs (more on these in the future). But today’s unique experience lead me to pick up a grilled cinnamon roll from the Unseen Bean.

I always have a hard time convincing myself to enjoy sweet things at breakfast. I usually will go for the protein as my blood sugar will spike and I will feel really sick. With that in mind, it is a rare instance for me to order any sort of sweet first thing in the morning. But after pinning over the selection, I spied a small cinnamon roll sitting the front of the case all by its lonesome.

He seemed to be an omen of good fortune, and so I asked our baristess to prepare him for consumption. After about 2 minutes on the panini grill he had been transformed into some kind of warm morsel of comfort. Richly filled with chopped pecans, ground wheat, cinnamon and a light glaze, the swirled pastry tore apart in my hands soft but firmly bite after bite.

There really is nothing quite as spectacular as something so comforting and warm in the morning. The best part was that there was very little overbearing sweetness. If this had been acquired at a grocery store, the entire experience would have left me in a diabetic coma. But to my surprise and enjoyment, this tender offering was a well balanced combination of richness and texture. The pronounced aroma and taste of cinnamon was excellent and combined with the crunch of the now warmed pecan chunks, left a feeling of utter satisfaction lingering on until past the noon hour.

Thanks to the great staff at the Unseen Bean for making this morning’s non-traditional breakfast a pleasant one.

3 cheers!


Rockbottom Brewery kinda delivers, but not really

Before I hit the Rockbottom too hard in the headd with a stick, I want to let everyone know that I don’t like chain restaurants all that much. Especially chain restaurants pretending to be one of a kind experiences. There is something dishonest about people who claim to be selling you a unique experience. But enough about that, on to the offerrings;


Good old red, white and blue cuisine was the main attraction at the Rockbottom and all though they seem to have some kind of micro-brewery attached to it, do not confuse this establishment with some kind of Odell brew and food combo, there is nothing here that is all that memorable in terms of flavor or value.

Portion size is definitely appropriate for the amount of cost attached with the meal. Our plates were full and at the end of the night so were our stomachs.

I had the chicken cob salad, and if any of you don’t know I am a cob salad fan. It was relatively decent, nothing really to compare it with since the cob is hard to foul up. The only thing disparaging about it was a lack of freshness in the greens. Not as much snap as I would have liked but then again nothing is perfect. (BTW if anyone has a really good cob salad location to recommend I would love to check it out and submit a review of the location, thanks Z)

The rest of the party had over glorified Red Robin burgers that came with fries salted to mouth parching extremes. Although maybe this is the sort of thing America has become occustomed to and there is no room for well balanced flavorfilled comfort food. My friends will tell you that when the sylabic combination of sounds that form “hamburger” are uttered there is a total change of focus and attention. But, when all I can taste is the saltiness of the starchy, doubled fried, potato sslice in my mouth for 2 hours post the meal, I feel that a bit of restrain is in order to maintain a higher level of enjoyment.

The micro-brews were not a complete waste of time (although at 4.25 a glass I might be eating my own shoe in a minute) there were a couple of shining delights. The Gila Pale Ale was decently flavorful and had a better finish than most. Could have gotten a New Belgien Blue Paddle and been all the more happy with the evening but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Not to crush all your hopes and dreams that this eatery has some sort of heart of gold, but the wait staff that we were forced to survive had no intention of making us feel at home. Out of the group of visitors that were seated in our section we ordered first and were served last. I find this to be deplorable and insulting. All dollars, cents and tips are created equal. I am not spending 40+ hours a week in the hamster wheel of commerce only to be dejected by some nobbish booth jockey. He received the 10% sympathy tip but not a penny more.
Next time serve the appetizers first instead of with the meal, from our location I was able to watch them sit under a hot light for about 15 salivating minutes before they were delivered. Don’t keep pandering us about the fucking deserts we don’t want ot eat because we haven’t finished our meal. And don’t, under any circumstance, bring me a cup of hot water without a mug to put it in. Turn in your dishrag, you are done.

If you are looking ot be wisked away by a party atmosphere with good times hanging all over the walls and a respectable staff of young people trying to make their time with just as enjoyable, don’t go to the Rockottom Brewery on 104th and 36ave in Westminster.


the hungry guy

Honest Tea hits the spot

Refreshing and Delicious

The HONEST TEA company of Bethseda Maryland has come up with a unique blend of refreshment that is a definite winner in the world of bottled beverages.

Today’s flavor was the JASMINE GREEN ENERGY TEA, and without missing a step was both light and fulfilling. With most Tea related products, there is a tendency for American companies to add a generous serving of sugar into the mix, thinking that the bulk of its consumer base won’t drink it or understand it if its not sweet.

And I don’t mean just sweet but, candy sweet. Nestea, Lipton, Arizona and even Tazo have a terrible habit of over amping the sweetness instead of letting the palette determine its own level of comfort. If anything this is only doing a disservice to the natural flavors of the Tea itself, which every variety has its own characteristics and aromas.

Much like a good wines flowery bouquet, teas can be strong or soft, sweet and bitter. This sort of ying yang dynamic in the flavors can render some very unique results.

I totally recommend this flavor from the HONEST TEA company, for its lightness and attention to delicious detail. The smooth coupling of Jasmines flowery lightness and Green tea’s punch allow the mouth to feel danced upon the unique freshness of a spring, with the full and rich body of a summer.

The Caloric intake is a mere 34 per bottle and the sugars are at a decent 5grams. There is a decent amount of caffeine in the drink so if you have any sort of aversion to that you will want to stay clear.

Thumbs up!