4HB Diet Week 3 / 4HB ダイエット 第3週目

This diet is getting easier but I had my birthday last week during 4HB Diet, which I decided not to have my birthday cake on my birthday and waited till the Binge Day (Saturday). Psychologically, not having a birthday cake on my birthday was harder than I thought. (I know this is pretty lame…)

さて、4HBダイエット、大分簡単になってきました!が、しかし、先週のダイエット週間に、私の誕生日があり、周りの皆は、「誕生日ぐらい、ダイエットしなくても~」と言われましたが、変な意思を貫き、「誕生日ケーキは、ご褒美の日の土曜日まで食べない!」と宣言。 これが、精神的に、結構きつかったです。 今まで、誕生日に、誕生日ケーキを食べたことない年って、なかったような気がする・・・

So the 3rd week of 4HB Diet, as I informed in my previous blog, we added more Fish Dinner to our weekly menu. According to Mr. Z and my analysis (only 2 weeks of data…), we found that Fish Dinner has helped us lose weight at least 1 – 1.5 pound. We had 3 Fish Dinners last week, I’d like to inform you how our 4HB went 🙂 Here was our 3rd Week 4HB Diet Menu!

前回の4HBブログでもお伝えしたように、先週第3週目、魚のディナーを1回増やしました。 これは、2週間のダイエットのデータより分析した結果、どうも、魚ディナーを食べると、翌朝、体重が1パウンドから1.5パウンド減っている事に気づいたからです。 で、通常は、魚は週一ぐらいしか食べないのですが、先週はなんと、合計3回の魚ディナー。 体重減るかな~!! それでは、先週のメニューです。

Sunday Breakfast (日曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, 2 Mushroom sliced, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Sunday Lunch (日曜日の昼食)
4 Portabella Mushroom & 1/2lb Meet Pattie, 1 hand full Spinach & Tomato

Portabella Mushroom bum with 1/2lb Burger

Sunday Dinner (日曜日の夕食) <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day 2lb Pork loin marinated in Balsamic Vinegar, Garlic & Rosemary. Steamed Broccoli with Ghee & 1 cup Black Beans [caption id="attachment_1069" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Balsamic marinated Pork loin with steamed Broccoli with Ghee"][/caption]
Monday Breakfast (月曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Monday Lunch (月曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Sunday Dinner

Monday Dinner (月曜日の夕食) <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day 1lb grilled Salmon, grilled Zucchini, Peppers, and Eggplant with 1 cup Black Beans [caption id="attachment_1070" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Grilled Salmon & Veggies (Eggplant, Zucchini, and Pepper)"][/caption]
Tuesday Breakfast (火曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, 2 Mushroom sliced, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Tuesday Lunch (火曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Monday Dinner

Tuesday Dinner (火曜日の夕食) <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day 2 lb Grilled Chicken thigh (S&P), sautéed Spinach, Onion, Kale, and 1 cup Lentil [caption id="attachment_1072" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Grilled Chicken and sauteed Veggies"][/caption]
Wednesday Breakfast (水曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Wednesday Lunch (水曜日の昼食)
Left over from Tuesday Dinner

Wednesday Dinner (水曜日の夕食) <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day 4 links Sausages, sautéed sautéed Spinach, Onion, Broccoli Rabe, Sauerkraut and 1 cup Navy Beans [caption id="attachment_1071" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Grilled Chicken Sausage, sauteed Veggies, and Sauerkraut "][/caption]
Thursday Breakfast (木曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Thursday Lunch (木曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Wednesday Dinner

Thursday Dinner (木曜日の夕食) <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day 4 Grilled Ono Fish, grilled Zucchini, Peppers, and Eggplant with 1 cup Lentil [caption id="attachment_1073" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Grilled Ono Fish and Veggies (Zucchini, Pepper and Onion)"][/caption]
Friday Breakfast (金曜日の朝食)
3 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Lentil & Salsa

Friday Lunch (金曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Thursday Dinner

Friday Dinner (金曜日の夕食)
Cabbage, Carrot, Red Pepper and Onion sauteed with Tuna & Kimchee

Sauteed Veggies (Cabbage, Carrot, Red Pepper) with Tuna & Kimchee

The results of 3rd week was ok. But our prediction of Fish was right. Whenever we had Fish for dinner, next morning we lost 1 – 1.5 lb. All the sudden, we love fish 🙂

第3週目の結果は、「まーまー」。 でもね、私たちが分析した、「魚料理が痩せる秘訣!」というのが、どうも当たっているらしく、魚を夕食に食べた翌朝は、必ず、500g~700g 体重が減ってました。 突然、魚が大好きになった、私たち夫婦!

Well, Mr. Z lost about 3 lb and I lost 2 lb last week. Also we lost some inches!

For Mr. Z:
His bicep went down about 1 inch.
His thigh went down by 3 inches.
His waist went down by about 3 inches.
And his hip went down by 1 inch.
Total, he went down by 8 inches!

He is looking better and better 🙂

それでは、詳しい結果です。 Mr. Z、体重は3パウンド(キロにして、約1.5キロ)減ってました。 私は、2パウンド減(キロにすると1キロ)。 

Mr. Zの体のサイズは:
トータル、8インチ減 (約19センチ減)でした。 

益々、男前になっていく、Mr. Zです。

Alright, for me…
My bicep went down by 1 inch.
My thigh went down by 2 inches
My waist went down by 2.5 inches
And finally my hip went down by 1 inch.
Total, I went down by 6 inches!

This result was certainly better than last week 🙂 I am satisfied with the result!

はい、私の番。 体のサイズは:
トータル、6インチ減 (約14センチ減)でした。


This week is week 4 of 4HB diet. Well see how much more we can lose weight. Stay tuned!!

さて、今週は第4週目の4HBダイエット! さてさて、今週は、どれぐらい痩せることができるでしょうか! 乞うご期待!

Mrs. H

4HB Diet Week 2 / 4HB ダイエット 第2週目

Week 2 of 4HB was not so good. Our weight stalled and our body size did not change much. We only lost 2 lb each. I wonder what we did wrong foodwise. The biggest food difference between week 1 and week 2 was “Creativity” in the menu. Like the Stuffed/Rolled Cabbage in Tomato sauce and Okonomiyaki. They don’t sound that creative but I guess during this diet, these were creative. Actually, our weight went up after these two meals. 🙁

第2週目の4HB ダイエットは、あまり進展なかったです。 体重の減り方も、上がったり下がったりで、結局、第1週目とは、かなり違いが出ました。結局、私もMr. Zも2 lb (1 Kgぐらいかな)しか体重減りませんでした。 体のサイズ(ウエスト等)も、ほとんど変化なし。:( 何でだろうと考えるな考える中、行き着いたところは、クリエーティブな食事。 第2週目は、ちょっとしたテストとして、豆を、豆の形で食べるのでなく、粉の形(お好み焼き等)で食べたり、お肉を野菜で包むロールキャベツなど、もうちょっと手を加えたメニューがありました。 が、しかし!! お好み焼きとロールキャベツの後は、体重が上がってしまったのです! ( ̄◇ ̄;)ガーン!! ということで、今週は第3週目は、またシンプルに、プロテイン (お肉・魚のグリルのソテーかグリル)、野菜 (ソテー、蒸し、かグリル)、豆 (豆は豆で)と言うメニューで行きたいと思います。

This is what we ate last week (Meal Plan Week 2), which did not work so well for the 4HB Diet. BTW, Mr. Z added Probiotic Drink 3 times last week. This drink uses Agave Nectar instead of Sugar and also FOS (Fructooligosaccharides).
4HBダイエットの効果が薄かった、先週第2週目のメニューは、こんな感じでした。 あ、そうそう、Mr. Zは、お通じのために、Probioticのドリンクを週3日追加しました。 これは、砂糖の変わりに、Agaveが使われていて、また、オリゴ糖も入ってます。

Kefir Probiotic with FOS drink

Sunday Breakfast (日曜日の朝食)
4 Eggs & Meat, 3 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Red Beans & Salsa

4HB Diet Our Usual Breakfast

Sunday Lunch (日曜日の昼食)
Garbanzo bean flour Okonomiyaki with 10 Shrimp & thin ¼ lb sliced Pork and ¼ head Cabbage

4HB Garbanzo Bean Okonomiyaki

Sunday Dinner (日曜日の夕食)
Chicken Kabob with Black Beans (Portion unknown. We were invited Dinner by our 4HB friend couple)

4HB can be elegant! Chicken Kabobs & Black Beans

Monday Breakfast (月曜日の朝食)
2 Eggs & Meat, 2 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, ½ cup Red Beans & Salsa

Monday Lunch (月曜日の昼食)
1lb Beef, vegetable, and 1 cup Lentil Stew
– 3 Celery, 2 Carrot, 1 Onion, 1 can Tomato, 1 Zucchini, 1 box Beef Broth

Monday Dinner <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day (月曜日の夕食) 1lb Ground Beef Rolled cabbage & 1 cup Lentil - Cabbage, 1 Carrot, ½ Onion, 1 Beef Broth [caption id="attachment_1046" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="4HB Stuffed Cabbage/Rolled Cabbage in Tomato Sauce"][/caption]
Tuesday Breakfast (火曜日の朝食)
2 Eggs & Meat, 3 hands full Spinach, Mushroom & ½ cup Lentil and Salsa

Tuesday Lunch (火曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Monday Dinner

Tuesday Dinner <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day (火曜日の夕食) 4 links Sausage and 2 cup Sauerkraut, sautéed Spinach, Onion, Kale and Broccoli, and 1 cup Lentil [caption id="attachment_1047" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="4HB Grilled Sausage, Sauerkraut, and Sauteed Veggies "][/caption]
Wednesday Breakfast (水曜日の朝食)
4 Eggs & Meat, 3 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, Salsa & ½ cup Lentil

Wednesday Lunch (水曜日の昼食)
Left over from Tuesday Dinner

Wednesday Dinner <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day (水曜日の夕食) Taco Salad with ½ lb Chorizo & 10 – 16 shrimps & ½ cup Black Beans - Romaine Lettuce, 1 Tomato, Salsa, sautéed ½ Onion and 1 Green Pepper, ½ Avocado [caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="4HB Taco Salad"][/caption]
Thursday Breakfast (木曜日の朝食)
4 Eggs & Meat, 3 hands full Spinach, Tomato & Mushroom & ½ cup Black Beans

Thursday Lunch (木曜日の昼食)
Leftover from Wednesday Dinner

Thursday Dinner <-- Eat only ½, other ½ is Lunch next day (木曜日の夕食) 1lb of Grilled Mahi with Grilled Vegetables & 1 cup Lentil - 1 Red pepper, 2 Zucchini, 1 Onion [caption id="attachment_1049" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="4HB Grilled Mahi and Veggies"][/caption]
Friday Breakfast (金曜日の朝食)
Eggs & Meat, 3 hands full Spinach, ½ Avocado, Salsa & ½ cup Black Beans

Friday Lunch (金曜日の昼食)
1lb Beef, vegetable, and 1 cup Lentil Stew
– 3 Celery, 2 Carrot, 1 Onion, 1 can Tomato, 1 Zucchini, 1 box Beef Broth

Friday Dinner (金曜日の夕食)
1 lb Chicken marinated in Balsamic Vinegar & sautéed 2 Bok choy, 4 leaves Cabbage, 1 Carrot, and Onion with ½ Cup Lentil.

4HB Marinated Chicken with sauteed Veggies

So we analyzed what we ate and how it affected our weight changes last week. As I state earlier, creative meals like Okonomiyaki and Stuffed/Rolled Cabbage in Tomato sauce put us up about 1 lb. BUT!!! Grilled Salmon and Veggie meal and Grilled Sausage, Sauerkraut and sauteed Veggies meal help us lost weight by 1 lb to 1.5 lb. So I added two Grilled Fish meals and one Sausage with Sauerkraut meal to this week’s menu. Also, I think I am going to adjust the portion of our food this week.

先週、何を食べたときに、体重が増えて、減ったかを、少々分析してみました。 2週間の食事で、分析するのは早いかと思ったのですが、まー取りあえず、思ったからには行動を! クリエーティブな食事(そうでもないけどね)お好み焼きや、ロールキャベツを食べた後に、1 lb (500gぐらいかな)体重が増えているのがわかりました。 これは、私もMr. Zも同じ。 で、サーモンのグリルの料理の後と、グリルソーセージとサワークラウトの食事の日の後に、1-1.5 lb (500g – 1kg)体重が減っていたことが分かりました。 と言う単純な分析から、今週のメニューには、魚のグリルの料理を2日、そして、グリルソーセージとサワークラウトの料理を1日作ってみました。 後は、量。 食べる量も、少々減らしてみます!

Hope to drop a few pound this week. But we will see! Stay tuned 🙂
今週、2-3 lb(1-2kg)ぐらい、体重落とせたら良いな~っと思う今日この頃。 さて、どうなるでしょうか! 乞うご期待!

Mr. H

4HB Dinner Wk2 Day 2: Rolled Cabbage

I received a few recipe requests for the “Rolled Cabbage” that I made for tonight’s dinner 🙂
This is 4HB friendly recipe!
Also, this recipe takes 1.5 hours at most from start to finish! Pretty quick meal for 4. (4 serving because the other 1/2 will be our lunch tomorrow!)

So here it is!


7 to 8 Savoy Cabbage Outer Leaves (I used 7 because some of leaves were huge!)
1/2 Pound Ground Pork
1/2 Pound Ground Beef
1/2 Medium Onion Chopped Fine
1/2 Medium Carrot Chopped Fine
2 Cloves of Garlic Chopped Fine
1 Cup Cooked Lentile
1 Egg
1 15oz Can Tomato Sauce (I used Muir Glen)
1 to 2 Cups Chicken Stock (I used Whole Foods brand.)
***You’ll need to adjust the amount until you like the taste of it.
2 Tbsp Powdered Chicken Bouillon
1 Tbsp Dried Oregano
1 Tbsp Dried Chili Pepper
Salt & Pepper to Taste


1. Chopped fine Onion, Carrot, Garlic and put first 8 ingredients in the bowl. Sprinkle Salt & Pepper (1 tsp each) to the bowl and mixed well. The meat mixture is done!

Rolled Cabbage Inside Goods

2. Carefully peal Savoy Cabbage’s outer leaves (For this recipe, exactly 7 leaves). Clean them and put them all together (still wet) to Microwave for 1.5 minutes until the cabbage become soft.

3. One leaf at a time, lay the leaf flat on the cutting board and put the meat mixture (about hand full) and start making a little cabbage package.

Cabbage ready to be rolled

4. Repeat this process until all the cabbage leaves are rolled.

Cabbage all rolled up and ready to be cooked in the sauce

5. Put the skillet on the range, pour Chicken Stock and Tomato Sauce with high heat. Let the liquid boil for 5 minutes or so.

6. Lower the heat to Low to Medium, put Powdered Chicken Bouillon, Dried Oregano, Dried Chili Pepper and Salt & Pepper to taste.
***Your sauce should be a little tangier than you want. Because the Rolled Cabbage itself is very mild flavor***

7. Cook them until the meat mixture cooks (About 40 – 50 minutes)

Rolled Cabbage cooked in the tomato sauce

8. It is done! Let’s eat!

4HB Style Rolled Cabbage

Rolled Cabbage Inside

I made this to meet 4HB diet’s requirements. But if you are not doing this diet, you can replace Cooked Lentil to Dry Bread Crumb or something. And also if you feel that the tomato sauce being too sour/tangy then put a bit of sugar or honey to round the sharp taste.

Tonight’s dinner was great success!!

Mrs. H

4HB Diet Week 1 Result & Binge Day! / 4 Hour Body ダイエット 1週目 結果 とご褒美の日!

Today is our binge day!!! Yeeeeeeess!!! I don’t know about Mr. Z but I am really really extremely extremely excited about today!! I could not stop thinking about a slice of dense creamy chocolate cake with whipped cream on top. I mean “Sugar Please!!”
今日は、1週間に一回の「ご褒美の日」、何を食べても良い日でーす! Mr. Zは分かりませんが、私は朝からもうウキウキ! ずっと、クリーミーで濃いチョコレートケーキとホイップクリームのことを考えていて、今日ついにそれが食べられるのです~!! マジ嬉しい・・・

Well, before the binge starts, we must weigh ourselves and measure bicep, thigh, waist and hip. I got up first! and weigh myself…. he he he… I lost total 3.4lb in 1 week without exercise! And next Mr. Z weigh himself…. OMG, he lost total 5lb in 1 week without exercise!! We are VERY pleased by this results!
さてさて、ご褒美の日が本格的に始まる前にしないといけないこと、体重の測定、そして、二の腕、太もも、ウエスト、そしてヒップの測定! まずは、私から、体重の測定・・・・ ゥフフフ なんと3.4lb(1.5kgぐらいかな、Kgにするとたいしたことないね・・・)1週間で減りました! そして、ザックは5lbも(2.5kgぐらいかな)も痩せちゃってます! 体重だけで、これだけ変化するって、予想外でとても満足!

Next, we measured our bicep, thigh, waist, and hip. My bicep was almost exactly the same. My thigh went down about 1.5 inches from right thigh, also 1.5 inches from left thigh. My waist went down by 1.5inch. And at last my hip was the same…. Total, I went down by about 4.5 inches!!
次ー! 二の腕、太もも、ウェストとヒップの測定です。 まずは、私から、二の腕は変化なし。 太ももは、両モモとも3センチずつ減ってました! ウエストも3センチ減ってました~! ヒップ、変化なし・・・ 体総合で11cm減ってました。 これって、ちょっとすごくない?

Next, Mr. Z, his bicep was almost the same. His thigh went down by about 2 inches from the right thigh and 1 inch from the left thigh. His waist went down by about 1.5 inches. And his hip was about the same. Total, he went down by about 3.5 inches!
さて、Mr. Zですが、二の腕変化なし。 太ももは、右太ももが4cm減、左太ももが1.5cm減、ウェストも3.5cm減! ヒップは変化ほぼなしです。 体総合で9cm減!

Yes, we will continue this diet at least 3 more weeks. We think we can do it. It is not that hard after all because we won’t get hungry. You may have some craving for sugar, starch, and fruits but you can eat them once a week. This results encouraged us to continue this diet A LOT!
はい、続けます。 このダイエット続けちゃいます! 少なくとも後3週間! 確かに、食事制限はありますが、とにかくこのダイエットでお腹がすくことがない! 時には、甘いものや、パン、ご飯、フルーツ食べたいなーって思うときもありますが、1週間に一度は食べられるし・・・ とにかく、この結果で、かなり戦闘心、燃えてます! 頑張るぞ~!!

So as I mentioned earlier, today is our binge day! You can eat whatever you want but 4HB said it recommends us to eat high protein food in the morning and before the 2nd meal, drink a glass of grapefruit juice. So we did eat a very small but high protein breakfast. 1 egg & pork & spinach scramble plus guacamole and salsa / person.
さて、上にも書きましたように、今日はご褒美の日! しかし、4HBはご褒美の日も、ハイプロテインの食事からはじめ、2食目の前にグレープフルーツジュースを飲むように進めているので、取りあえず、少なめに、1つの卵でスクランブルエッグを残りのポークとホウレン草で作って、ワカモレとサルサで食べてみました。

4HB Day 7 Binge Day High Protein Breakfast

Next, we decided to go to 24 Dinner to have Chicken & Waffle! So we went there to have lunch! We ordered a glass of grapefruit juice and Coffee. I ordered the 1/2 size of Chicken & Waffle just because I know their normal volume is huge. Mr. Z ordered a glass of beer “Ommegang Aphrodie” and Chef’s Waffle = Apple Cinnamon Waffle!
さて次々、ダウンタウンにある24 Dinerというお店に、ランチを食べに行くことを決めていたので、早速そちらに向かうことに! まず最初に、グレープフルーツジュースとコーヒーを注文。 そして私は、フライドチキンとワッフルのハーフサイズを! Mr. Zはシェフスペシャルワッフルで、普通サイズの林檎をキャラメルとシナモンでソテーされたものが乗っているワッフルを注文! Mr. Zは”Ommegang Aphrodie“と言うシャンパンのようなビールも注文。

Omegang Aphrodie

Chicken & Waffle 1/2 Size

Chef's Waffle

The lunch was served and smelled good and tasted good! We were so happy for this binge day. Our 1/2 way down to the meal, we both realized that we were already full…. 🙁 “What!! We only had 1/2!! I mean my order is 1/2 size to begin with!! What is going on?” And we both started sweating… and it was weird sweat… I think the sugar was doing something to our body. So it was really really really really really disappointed and unfortunate but we only finished 1/2 of the meal and left the place.
オーダーしたランチが運ばれてきました~! イエーイ!! さてさて、お味はと言いますと、美味しいに決まってるじゃーん!! メープルシロップたっぷりのワッフルとフライドチキン! しかし、大変なことが起こってしまいました。 半分ぐらい食べ終わった地点で、2人ともお腹一杯・・・ 「ちょっと、私のワッフルとチキンなんてハーフサイズなのに、食べきれないって~!!!!どういうこと~!! いや~~~、悔しい~~~!!!」 Mr. Zも一緒、半分の地点で、ギブです・・・ 考えられない・・・ そしたら2人とも、脂汗をかき始めて・・・ 「ええええええええええええ、砂糖だ! 体が砂糖の分解で忙しいのかな?」と結局、とても悔しく残念なことに、半分だけ食べて、お店を出ることになりました。

Sad Moment

We are not sure what we are going to do for dinner… I am certainly not sure about my desert now… 4HB is doing something to our body and probably good thing to our body. Next week, I may not have much sugar crave like I had this week. Well, now I am planning the meal plan for next week. I will introduce that to you on my next blog! Stay tuned!!
いやー、この調子でいくと、夕飯何食べよう・・ デザート食べるの、ちょっと怖くなってきた・・・ 4HBのおかげ?で、体の具合が変化してるみたいです。 多分、良い変化でしょう。 ってか、そう思いたい・・・ さてさて、来週のメニュープランをそろそろ考えなくては。 考え次第、次のブログでお伝えしまーす! 乞うご期待!

Mrs. H

Rockbottom Brewery kinda delivers, but not really

Before I hit the Rockbottom too hard in the headd with a stick, I want to let everyone know that I don’t like chain restaurants all that much. Especially chain restaurants pretending to be one of a kind experiences. There is something dishonest about people who claim to be selling you a unique experience. But enough about that, on to the offerrings;


Good old red, white and blue cuisine was the main attraction at the Rockbottom and all though they seem to have some kind of micro-brewery attached to it, do not confuse this establishment with some kind of Odell brew and food combo, there is nothing here that is all that memorable in terms of flavor or value.

Portion size is definitely appropriate for the amount of cost attached with the meal. Our plates were full and at the end of the night so were our stomachs.

I had the chicken cob salad, and if any of you don’t know I am a cob salad fan. It was relatively decent, nothing really to compare it with since the cob is hard to foul up. The only thing disparaging about it was a lack of freshness in the greens. Not as much snap as I would have liked but then again nothing is perfect. (BTW if anyone has a really good cob salad location to recommend I would love to check it out and submit a review of the location, thanks Z)

The rest of the party had over glorified Red Robin burgers that came with fries salted to mouth parching extremes. Although maybe this is the sort of thing America has become occustomed to and there is no room for well balanced flavorfilled comfort food. My friends will tell you that when the sylabic combination of sounds that form “hamburger” are uttered there is a total change of focus and attention. But, when all I can taste is the saltiness of the starchy, doubled fried, potato sslice in my mouth for 2 hours post the meal, I feel that a bit of restrain is in order to maintain a higher level of enjoyment.

The micro-brews were not a complete waste of time (although at 4.25 a glass I might be eating my own shoe in a minute) there were a couple of shining delights. The Gila Pale Ale was decently flavorful and had a better finish than most. Could have gotten a New Belgien Blue Paddle and been all the more happy with the evening but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Not to crush all your hopes and dreams that this eatery has some sort of heart of gold, but the wait staff that we were forced to survive had no intention of making us feel at home. Out of the group of visitors that were seated in our section we ordered first and were served last. I find this to be deplorable and insulting. All dollars, cents and tips are created equal. I am not spending 40+ hours a week in the hamster wheel of commerce only to be dejected by some nobbish booth jockey. He received the 10% sympathy tip but not a penny more.
Next time serve the appetizers first instead of with the meal, from our location I was able to watch them sit under a hot light for about 15 salivating minutes before they were delivered. Don’t keep pandering us about the fucking deserts we don’t want ot eat because we haven’t finished our meal. And don’t, under any circumstance, bring me a cup of hot water without a mug to put it in. Turn in your dishrag, you are done.

If you are looking ot be wisked away by a party atmosphere with good times hanging all over the walls and a respectable staff of young people trying to make their time with just as enjoyable, don’t go to the Rockottom Brewery on 104th and 36ave in Westminster.


the hungry guy