4HB Dinner Wk2 Day 2: Rolled Cabbage

I received a few recipe requests for the “Rolled Cabbage” that I made for tonight’s dinner 🙂
This is 4HB friendly recipe!
Also, this recipe takes 1.5 hours at most from start to finish! Pretty quick meal for 4. (4 serving because the other 1/2 will be our lunch tomorrow!)

So here it is!


7 to 8 Savoy Cabbage Outer Leaves (I used 7 because some of leaves were huge!)
1/2 Pound Ground Pork
1/2 Pound Ground Beef
1/2 Medium Onion Chopped Fine
1/2 Medium Carrot Chopped Fine
2 Cloves of Garlic Chopped Fine
1 Cup Cooked Lentile
1 Egg
1 15oz Can Tomato Sauce (I used Muir Glen)
1 to 2 Cups Chicken Stock (I used Whole Foods brand.)
***You’ll need to adjust the amount until you like the taste of it.
2 Tbsp Powdered Chicken Bouillon
1 Tbsp Dried Oregano
1 Tbsp Dried Chili Pepper
Salt & Pepper to Taste


1. Chopped fine Onion, Carrot, Garlic and put first 8 ingredients in the bowl. Sprinkle Salt & Pepper (1 tsp each) to the bowl and mixed well. The meat mixture is done!

Rolled Cabbage Inside Goods

2. Carefully peal Savoy Cabbage’s outer leaves (For this recipe, exactly 7 leaves). Clean them and put them all together (still wet) to Microwave for 1.5 minutes until the cabbage become soft.

3. One leaf at a time, lay the leaf flat on the cutting board and put the meat mixture (about hand full) and start making a little cabbage package.

Cabbage ready to be rolled

4. Repeat this process until all the cabbage leaves are rolled.

Cabbage all rolled up and ready to be cooked in the sauce

5. Put the skillet on the range, pour Chicken Stock and Tomato Sauce with high heat. Let the liquid boil for 5 minutes or so.

6. Lower the heat to Low to Medium, put Powdered Chicken Bouillon, Dried Oregano, Dried Chili Pepper and Salt & Pepper to taste.
***Your sauce should be a little tangier than you want. Because the Rolled Cabbage itself is very mild flavor***

7. Cook them until the meat mixture cooks (About 40 – 50 minutes)

Rolled Cabbage cooked in the tomato sauce

8. It is done! Let’s eat!

4HB Style Rolled Cabbage

Rolled Cabbage Inside

I made this to meet 4HB diet’s requirements. But if you are not doing this diet, you can replace Cooked Lentil to Dry Bread Crumb or something. And also if you feel that the tomato sauce being too sour/tangy then put a bit of sugar or honey to round the sharp taste.

Tonight’s dinner was great success!!

Mrs. H