A little bit about everything that I am trying to accomplish here;

I am not out to be a food critic for Zaggots or some other pretentious magazine that tries to tell you what is and isn’t good food. I am however, attempting to steer your palette and stomach towards experiences that may enhance your love of food and the desire to try something new.

I have my preferences, to be sure, and I will make them apparent to you in my little monologues before discussing any of the locations or varieties of food I have eaten.

I am trying to get the restaurants that I frequent and enjoy a little more recognition, because Colorado can be a very barren bread basket if you don’t know where all the sweet stashes are.

I grade my experiences on a number of factors but in short something like this;

  1. How was the service ?
  2. How was the atmosphere ?
  3. How the food was ?
  4. Was it utterly delicious ?

Americans are too often characterized as meandering tasteless beasts, with little more than a cheeseburger on their minds at all times. I am attempting to add to the curve of representing those of us who can enjoy good food that doesn’t have to be $500 a plate.

I love food and hopefully you can love some of the food I love too!


Zach M
the editor and hungry chief