Allagash Trippel Reserve

A little bit of many things can go along way. After weeks of slogging through IPA’s and Stouts I noticed a 750ml bottle tucked in the trans-dimensional portal that is my refrigerator.

Allagash is a new frontier for me and as such I will try not to ruin anyone’s idea of what delicious beer can be by writing this review. Although the beer advocate site claims this is just a fancy version of their regular bottle of ale, the company went to the trouble of having a unique page to explain all of the properties of the beer ( for your consideration ). Bearing all of these things in mind the first thing that jumped out at me as I pried the cork free of the bottle was the loud popping sound that boomed from the bottle neck and the spray of moisture.

Next comes the bubbles. Like Prosecco or Champaign, this Tripel Reserve is extremely light bubbly and slightly sour. Their configuration and rapid regrowth is something out of a fairy tale. The little sprite like blanket of foam only adds the visual appeal of the glass. With each subtle swirl the head returns to its youthful appearance.

There are tones of fruit notes all over the place and as the official site page states, there is indeed a forever finish. Next to sweet food it is an amazing compliment. After considering all the elements that make up the Belgian Ale, I wonder why it hasn’t replaced dessert wines for the post dinner ale? It has all of the components that a good sweet bubbly beverage can ask for with a price tag that would make you return your Cristal in a second.

High class for a low price. Yet another testament to the versatility of use from a single form of fermentation.