Author: zachattack

  • Allagash Trippel Reserve

    A little bit of many things can go along way. After weeks of slogging through IPA’s and Stouts I noticed a 750ml bottle tucked in the trans-dimensional portal that is my refrigerator.

  • Christmas Eve 2010

    Having relocated the base of operations to the great state of Texas, I am now beginning to see the realities of a year round love affair with Carts, Tacos and Beers. Reflecting on the last few months of food-scapades I am suddenly jerked into the realization that I have only just begun.

  • Cupcakes are a form of currency

    Cupcakes, the only people that don’t like cupcakes are the soulless monsters that live in the shadows of Rachel Ray’s imagination. These precious delights can be easily overdone with the offerrings in most super markets and local specialty stores. The fine line between comfort treat that your mom or grandmother made and the specialty gourmet […]

  • Free Gelato Day at Wholefoods

    What am I talking about? Is there really a free gelato day at Wholefoods? No. But there should be. For what they charge to fill a bag of groceries there should be a consumer appreciation day. I know I have misdirected some of you but allow me to whisk you away to this far away city […]

  • How Though Shalt Make Beer Part 1

    The first part in a step by step process that explains how to home brew your own beer.