New York Our Dream Land…

First, I’d like to apologize those who actually read our blog… it has been two weeks since our last food blog update… Well, we were in NYC two weeks ago for 5 days, which was awesome (except my company trip), we had so much fun walking around the city, wondering around villages, and Brooklyn… I […]

Childhood Potato Croquettes

Have you had Japanese Potato Croquettes? Many Japanese Restaurants here in Denver, they serve pre manufacture made frozen Potato Croquettes. You’ll see, if the croquettes shape like a football, and perfectly shaped, it is pre manufacture made frozen Potato Croquettes. Japanese Potato Croquettes are not difficult to make but definitely tedious process. So I remember […]

Le Central the BEST French Restaurant in Denver

Friday 10/16, right after work, we wanted to go out right away after the work to start out weekend fabulous! We thought about going to get a gourmet burger… that’s not so fabulous… thought about going to the Cherry Creek North, they usually have great restaurant selections… but then we did not want to drive […]