Belgian Duvel

Belgian beer is still a mystery. The sweet crispness of the Duvel is like sevral things I have had before and yet something entirely new. There is quite a bit going on as soon as the opaque golden liquid hits your palette. And the famously wild fragrances accompanied by fruit flavors suddenly transport you across the sea.

There are many sour notes that really punch up the flavor and leave your mouth with a clean feeling fresh and the lacing on the glass invites you to return to the cool treat time after time.

This special brew is not to be missed.


4 responses to “Belgian Duvel”

  1. To put this quick salute in perspective, I was drinking the Duvel while writing about it on my iphone, which as it turns out, is retarded. I think that overall this beer has no real comparison. I mean I could go line up all my favorite Belgian Ales and get a few friends together and begin taste testing, but in the end this was one of the finest Belgian I have had the opportunity to enjoy in quite some time. Maybe it will show up in a larger panel review at some point in this month as I am trying to assemble a decent panel for the wheats!