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  • Fancy Ramen Noodle

    It is still chilly outside, I was going to cook some soup for dinner. My hungry husband requested “Instant Ramen Noodle” for dinner… Well, I thought I would kick it up the notch Regular Ramen Noodle to a Fancy H Style Ramen Noodle 🙂 Ingredients 1. Japanese Instant Ramen Noodle (Any Instant Ramen Noodle is […]

  • Brunch Frittata

    Saturday 10/03, we woke up kind late like 10am, we were not hungry so we just had a cup of coffee… Aroung 11:30am, I was getting hungry and checked the fridge, we still had this giant bag of baby leaf spinach that about to get bad… We had some eggs, seasoned turkey ham, a small […]

  • Trip to Los Angeles – Day 2

    We started the Day 2 in Los Angeles at Manhattan Beach. There was sea fog at the beach… so it was kind of chilly and gray… Here is the happy family minus me (cuz I was taking this pic, obviously…) Even with the sea fog, it was fun being at the beach, smell the salty […]

  • Real Ramen Noodle

    The ramen that you buy at the grocery store is not even close to the real “Tonkotsu Ramen” you can have in Japan. If you have a chance to visit LA, go to Mitsuwa Grocery store. This is the Japanese Grocery Store that their food court has several real Japanese fast food shops. The picture […]

  • Sherpa’s Boulder Mountain Food

    It may come as a shock to, all three of, you that I have never been to a Himalayan. I have been working and commuting to Boulder for over a year and a half and have never once stepped foot into a restaurant that served anything really unusual. A co-worker of mine, Joshua Hill, recommended […]