Delicious vanilla honey laté

One of the shining stars in morning life is that first cup of warm coffee or tea. There is a certain comfort and joy that comes from sipping on what I can only describe as a delicious security blanket. Everything from this point on in the day is tolerable because of the first cup of coffee.

The Unseen Bean in Boulder Colorado, is one of the few establishments that has really perfected the craft of beverage service. They are prompt, polite, friendly and know how to satisfy the need for caffeine in unique ways. But more on them later.

The laté has long been a cherished companion to my morning routine and I think that the over-all sugary tones that are usually associated with it have kept me at bay for quite sometime. Like in the terrible institution Starbucks, there is usually more sugar than flavor. I requested a laté that would have a low sweetener content, and Rose prepared this little treat.

The honey does all the sweetening but its not over board and it seems to enhance the creaminess of the milk and there is a slight but welcomed hint of vanilla at the end. With every sip, the foam, milk, coffee and flavors seem to meld together so fluidly.

I give the fine young, cannibalistic, staff at the Unseen Bean 2 thumbs up for a great delivery and interesting variation on an old favorite.


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