Fancy Ramen Noodle

It is still chilly outside, I was going to cook some soup for dinner. My hungry husband requested “Instant Ramen Noodle” for dinner… Well, I thought I would kick it up the notch Regular Ramen Noodle to a Fancy H Style Ramen Noodle 🙂

1. Japanese Instant Ramen Noodle (Any Instant Ramen Noodle is fine!)
Instant Japanese Ramen Noodle
2. 5 ~ 6 Stalks of Celery Finely Sliced
3. 1 Medium Size Carrot Finely Sliced
4. 1/4 Yellow Onion Finley Sliced
5. 3 Oyster Mushroom Sliced
Veggies and Oyster Mushroom
6. 12 Medium Size Frozen Shrimp (Thawed)
Medium Size Shrimp
7. 2 Tbs of Sesame Oil
Sesame Oil
8. Salt and Pepper for taste

1. In the medium size skillet with the high heat, add Sesame Oil, sliced Celery, sliced Carrot, and sliced Onion. Sauteed until Carrot becomes tender. Add some Salt and Pepper for the taste.
Sauteed Veggie
2. Add Oyster Mushroom till Mushroom becomes tender.
Sauteed Veggie & Oyster Mushroom
3. Add thawed Shrimps to the Veggie and Mushroom mixture and sauteed till the shrimp colored Pink. Add a pinch of Salt. Set aside this sauteed Veggie Mushroom Shrimp mixture.
Sauteed Veggie Oyster Mushroom and Shrimp
4. Cook the Instant Ramen Noodle according to the direction on the package.
Cooking Ramen Noodle
5. At last, plate the Ramen Noodle to the bowl, and add the sauteed Veggie Mushroom Shrimp mixture on top.
Fancy Ramen Noodle 1

This takes only 20 minutes from start to finish including slicing all the vegetables… It is easy, cheap, and delicious! ECD!! You can make the regular boring Instant Ramen Noodle to the fancy dinner or lunch!

Happy Eating!
Mrs. H

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