Free Gelato Day at Wholefoods

What am I talking about? Is there really a free gelato day at Wholefoods? No. But there should be. For what they charge to fill a bag of groceries there should be a consumer appreciation day.

I know I have misdirected some of you but allow me to whisk you away to this far away city known as Denver Colorado, wherein I will tell you a tale that involves an old friend, goat tacos and free gelato.

Every good story should start with tacos and I am certainly not referring to the offerings of our countries most dreaded latin denigration, the Bell Place of Tacos. A local family run Mexican restaurant in Lakewood Colorado situated between the edge of the Belmare Burbs and the streets of Denver rests an establishment that will serve you all the most delicious variations on four legs at 99cents a piece.

Without much in the way of shameless expository exercise, let me introduce you to some of the most honest food you can ever behold from south of the border. Each taco consists of 2 thin soft corn tortillas that measure approx. 4 inches in diameter, what goes inside of them presents near endless possibilities.

My friend directed me at the Marinated Goat meat, which was full of unique flavor and fat profiles that could almost be seen as either greasy or slimy. Coming from an animal that is usually seen as lean and possibly gamey, I found this gentle beast to be the perfect snack size. Next we go Beef tongue, which is in my opinion one of the more under appreciated cuts of the animal.

The firm juicy chunks of the tongue was more of the same delicious burst of texture. The Carne Asada was also decent, although I felt it was a bit drier than it should have been. Next was some Al pastore, or a version of the spit roasted porky friend that was both juicy and well married with chunks of pork fat (which really is sweet) I think anything with pig fat in it should be served daily.

The meats overall didn’t have a strong flavor it was more about the marinade that they were soaking in before being grilled up and served in the mini ufo corn saucers.

Thanks to B. RAY for an awesome time at the restaurant and the opportunity to enjoy something he loves, tacos !

Z – that hungry guy


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