Hello Abbaye-Abdij

Summer. I love summer. I love love love love love love summer. Now that winter is finally over in Colorado, I find it more than compelling to have the season of summer speak with its very loud and perfect voice. Enough pensive adoration of the sun! ON TO THE BEER!

The Belgians, a relationship that I can only describe as mysterious. One minute you can sing their praises and the next be totally unimpressed with their offerings. Summer is the time for Wheat Beers to take their place and remind us that winters cold breath doesn’t need quenching with an IPA, the summer requires the delicate breath that only a Belgian Ale can give us. Ironically my last deep journey went to the Duvel and now I find myself absolutely enamored with the sweet-sour palette dance of Maredsous.

I really don’t know what to say about this particular brew outside of what you don’t know, WHICH IS EVERYTHING! MUAHAHAHHAHA!

Put that awful New Belgian swill down the drain and find yourself a liquor store that has the inventory prepared to enlighten you.

This pretty little ditty rings in at 10% ABV and is of the Tripel variety. Crafted by some of the most patient brewers I have ever known, the gentlemen at Duvel Moortgat have really done something with a belgian ale that I really didn’t know was possible. They infused mystery into the full bodied potpourri of the this delightful Tripel. It sings of summer fruits and fields warm and healthy with sunshine and overrun with the sugars of land never marred by industrialization or abused to bear more then they should.

The Beer Advocate had this to say about my dear Maredsous Tripel, the fools. Seriously can you even grade something so heavenly? Could you really be bright enough to fully appreciate something like this? I’m not, and therefore neither are they.

Oh wild flavors of some other land, oh sweet yeast and fruit of the field in a land that I don’t know. Your mouth is ready to be reborn into a new and full life, let the sweetest form of summer accompany you in this season.

Raise your glasses friends, Cheers.


2 responses to “Hello Abbaye-Abdij”

  1. The Great American Beer Festival was created for people like you, what with your strawberry fields of passion and rainbows of delightful fizz. I just go to get drunk.

  2. So did they pay you for the glowing review? There is such a thing as having a good review and not editorially fellating the company/product you are writing about.
    Sounds absolutely delicious though, ill have to pick some up.