Pho 78 Westminster Colorado

Pho 78 menu
Pho 78 menu

Beef broth, tendons, tripe, rare beef, brisket, flank steak, bean sprouts, basil, rice noodles, shiratcha, jalapeno, lime and sour plum sauce. This dynamic list of ingredients results in nothing less than the Vietnamese equivalent to ramen. Let me paint the rest of this succulent picture.

Before you a white paper bag that contains your tools for consumption, chopsticks and a deep spoon for ladling the precious soup into your mouth. The bowl is white, porcelain and warm to the touch, filled to capacity with the ingredients in the previous paragraph. The aroma lifting off of the this feast was almost more than I could stand. I felt like a greedy bear by the end of the experience but it was all worth it.

Every time I go to a Pho restaurant I try to sample something from the menu that is new. I already know my stand by order of a Medium sized bowl with tripe, tendon and some beef. This visit we ordered a set of thinly rolled spring rolls that had been either pan or oil fried. Unfortunately due to their irresistible charm, I couldn’t get a picture of them before they went into hiding…in my stomach.

pho feast
pho feast

My usual seasoning will be a splash of Shiratcha in the soup bowl and a little dish filled with that purple plum sauce for dipping each bite into. Every single morsel was perfectly balanced and fresh. The textures of the fresh bean sprouts snapped softly as the tender chunks of tendon melted in my mouth. This great juxtaposition of soft and crunchy, spicy and sour-sweet create a unique experience every time.

Pho is a delight not to be missed and its wonderful to have a location so close by that is clean friendly and totally affordable. I think that Pho is a wonderful and inexpensive way to get a meal that really chases the biting cold of Colorado winter. With a Small #7 for the wife a Medium #11 and some fried rolls we paid around $19.00.

If you are in the neighborhood check em’ out:
Pho 78
7275 W 88th Ave
Broomfield, CO 80021
(303) 940-7644

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Zach “the satisfied” Eater

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  1. Hey Zach, so glad you had this review. This restaurant isn’t listed and it’s my favorite local Pho place. THANKS