Rockbottom Brewery kinda delivers, but not really

Before I hit the Rockbottom too hard in the headd with a stick, I want to let everyone know that I don’t like chain restaurants all that much. Especially chain restaurants pretending to be one of a kind experiences. There is something dishonest about people who claim to be selling you a unique experience. But enough about that, on to the offerrings;


Good old red, white and blue cuisine was the main attraction at the Rockbottom and all though they seem to have some kind of micro-brewery attached to it, do not confuse this establishment with some kind of Odell brew and food combo, there is nothing here that is all that memorable in terms of flavor or value.

Portion size is definitely appropriate for the amount of cost attached with the meal. Our plates were full and at the end of the night so were our stomachs.

I had the chicken cob salad, and if any of you don’t know I am a cob salad fan. It was relatively decent, nothing really to compare it with since the cob is hard to foul up. The only thing disparaging about it was a lack of freshness in the greens. Not as much snap as I would have liked but then again nothing is perfect. (BTW if anyone has a really good cob salad location to recommend I would love to check it out and submit a review of the location, thanks Z)

The rest of the party had over glorified Red Robin burgers that came with fries salted to mouth parching extremes. Although maybe this is the sort of thing America has become occustomed to and there is no room for well balanced flavorfilled comfort food. My friends will tell you that when the sylabic combination of sounds that form “hamburger” are uttered there is a total change of focus and attention. But, when all I can taste is the saltiness of the starchy, doubled fried, potato sslice in my mouth for 2 hours post the meal, I feel that a bit of restrain is in order to maintain a higher level of enjoyment.

The micro-brews were not a complete waste of time (although at 4.25 a glass I might be eating my own shoe in a minute) there were a couple of shining delights. The Gila Pale Ale was decently flavorful and had a better finish than most. Could have gotten a New Belgien Blue Paddle and been all the more happy with the evening but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Not to crush all your hopes and dreams that this eatery has some sort of heart of gold, but the wait staff that we were forced to survive had no intention of making us feel at home. Out of the group of visitors that were seated in our section we ordered first and were served last. I find this to be deplorable and insulting. All dollars, cents and tips are created equal. I am not spending 40+ hours a week in the hamster wheel of commerce only to be dejected by some nobbish booth jockey. He received the 10% sympathy tip but not a penny more.
Next time serve the appetizers first instead of with the meal, from our location I was able to watch them sit under a hot light for about 15 salivating minutes before they were delivered. Don’t keep pandering us about the fucking deserts we don’t want ot eat because we haven’t finished our meal. And don’t, under any circumstance, bring me a cup of hot water without a mug to put it in. Turn in your dishrag, you are done.

If you are looking ot be wisked away by a party atmosphere with good times hanging all over the walls and a respectable staff of young people trying to make their time with just as enjoyable, don’t go to the Rockottom Brewery on 104th and 36ave in Westminster.


the hungry guy