Sherpa’s Boulder Mountain Food

It may come as a shock to, all three of, you that I have never been to a Himalayan. I have been working and commuting to Boulder for over a year and a half and have never once stepped foot into a restaurant that served anything really unusual. A co-worker of mine, Joshua Hill, recommended that we go for the lunch special and that the dine in deal would be less than foraging for a burrito. I am so overwhelmingly pleased that I paid him the attention he was due. This was a gold mine.

The lunch special was a Chicken Tikka Masala, cooked in a Tandoor oven and then smothered in a delicious sauce. The meal also included with rice and Chutny and a basket of naan bread. Now  the fun doesn’t end here. All of this for a measly $7.00, and in the Boulder area finding a sit-down meal for under $10.00 is damn near a miracle. Imagine my dumfounded awe as I chewed through the melt in your mouth Himalayan chicken stew, prepared with the warmth and enthusiasm of a fellow food lover. 

Next there was the home brew, the Sherpa Ale. A golden and richtly bright sweet ale that semeed to not only compliment the food but sooth the soul. Microbrews in Colorado are not hard to come by, but what is unusual is going into a house that has been converted into a restaurant that serves Himalayan food that has a house microbrew that can stand toe to toe with any of the larger micro giants in Colorado. 

So for a quick byte that won’t puncture your bank account, I will always recommend a trip to SHERPA’s

Sincerely to you,

“still hungry” Zach

825 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302-5034
Phone: (303) 440-7151

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