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  • Cinnamon rolls grilled

    Most Fridays I decide that the week has been so busy and that I have accomplished so much, that I deserve to treat myself to some kind of edible reward. Often this will manifest itself in the afternoon with a beer at one of the local Boulder pubs (more on these in the future). But […]

  • Delicious vanilla honey laté

    One of the shining stars in morning life is that first cup of warm coffee or tea. There is a certain comfort and joy that comes from sipping on what I can only describe as a delicious security blanket. Everything from this point on in the day is tolerable because of the first cup of […]

  • Today i eat a bagel

    So for most people the most important meal of the day is usually discarded as a minor annoyance and never really fully given the credit it is due. So as an expirement I have decided to start the week off with a delicious mutli-grained (and seeded) bagel from one of my favorite digs, the blind […]