Thirsty to Play?

I am a few things, hungry, thirsty and amazed by creativity. I also have a soft spot for anything video game related that can become a consumable product that is both unique and delicious.

Enter the greatest collection of awesome mixed drinks for the alcohol loving fanboy inside of a lot of us.



This one is sort of a classic and appeared on Kotaku a while back. Luckily I had a public event coming up and I had a chance to experiment on the thirsty public.  The Most popular shot of the event turned out to be the Super Mario Shot. But I was unable to acquire the Blue Bols (mentioned in the recipe) and had to substitute with Blue Curaçao. As it turns out, many of the liqueur stores in Colorado have a very limited selection of Bols products.

In case you don’t know, Bols is European Liqueur company famous for making several flavors of alcohol  see link here. They could be compared with the brand Dekuyper, whose fame sadly is related to their Pucker line of sour sweet mixing liquids. Bols I found to be a slighter cheaper and superior tasting product. I would be amazed if some of the local shops started carrying this brand as a replacement for the aforementioned liquid peril.

Don’t forget to practice. These drinks are best if they are prepared slowly and carefully and it is not always easy. It takes some time to get used to pouring things at the speed as to not mix them together, till they get in your tummy.



This is probably one of the most beloved game titles of all time and will continue to, bring out the creative urge in people, even if the vehicle or medium in this case are thirst quenching beverages. The fabulous Scrollbar has assembled yet another bang up collection of mixers that can transport you to nostalgic mess. But as in the list before, without the proper access to some of the more exotic Bols flavor selections you may not have a full bar ready to go. In fact, I would recommend that any of you out there thinking about using these drink recipes please try to find common threads. Don’t buy everything on the list. Pick out 3 – 4 drinks you like and see if you can line up all the ingredients so that you don’t waste all of your money turning your basement into a part time nerd bar.



I think it is safe to say that Msoft could not be outdone, so they hired some professional cocktail wizard, and a great photographer, to come up with some really delicious and radically interesting drinks. And out of all of the sets this one seemed the most appealing. I think people could reasonably order these at a bar without much suspicion. The garnishes and ingredients are more refined, and there is less of syrupy texture to most of these.

The biggest disadvantage for drinks that are based purely on thick liqueurs, is the sugary density. One or Two of these is generally not to bad but after a few more, my mouth feels like leach stuck to a jaw breaker. Plus you look dumb carrying around “fruity ” looking cocktails at your favorite pub.

But all small thought aside these are really wonderful drinks that everyone can enjoy and they look really amazing. I recommend giving these a spin to freshen up the ol cocktail bar.

Thanks for playing,


3 responses to “Thirsty to Play?”

  1. Bols is very cool. They are the staple for liquers in EU. There is a famous drink that is considered to be the qualification test for bartending, and I don’t remember the exact recipe, but it’s 5 different colored Bols liquers poured in exact layers. Blue Curacao, Yellow Banana, Clear Cacao and two others that have interesting colors. Once you learn the trick to pouring this one, you can amaze your friends, and get the smashed at the same time.

  2. we should do the same thing with mad dog 20/20 and dixie cups and start our own webite for college student that just want to get blitz faster than a fat quarterback.