Today i eat a bagel

So for most people the most important meal of the day is usually discarded as a minor annoyance and never really fully given the credit it is due. So as an expirement I have decided to start the week off with a delicious mutli-grained (and seeded) bagel from one of my favorite digs, the blind roaster.

The offerings at the roaster are vast and interesting as it is the only place here in Boulder (I have been so far) to offer hummus as a possible spread upon the warm toasted goodness. Truly nothing so satisfies like the warm crunch of a toasted bagel that has a generous application of fresh cream cheese and locks (a persoanl favorite off mine).

Maybe at some point I will right a bagel decathlon of sorts, and review all the facets and history behind this delicious hand-held breakfast tour-de-force. The bagel represents the white canvas of morning culinary creativity in a lot of ways. Although the bread type is important, the spread and various additions to the small morsel, do the job of creating something as simple as a snack, to something as grand as a sandwich. There is little that this fine food cannot transform into with some creativity and an open palette.

I find that this minor ritual of giving your body the right combination of salts, proteins and starches early in the morning can truly be enough fuel to push you through to lunch.

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