Trip to Los Angeles – Day 2

We started the Day 2 in Los Angeles at Manhattan Beach. There was sea fog at the beach… so it was kind of chilly and gray…

Here is the happy family minus me (cuz I was taking this pic, obviously…)
Foggy Manhattan Beach

Even with the sea fog, it was fun being at the beach, smell the salty ocean wind, hanging out with sea gulls and my brother and his wife 🙂 I grow up surrounded by the beach so this was difinetly a great treat for me.

After we wonder around the beach, we found this Italian restaurant at the Manhattan Beach called Pasta Pomodoro (
Pomodoro Restaurant

The store interior was very simple and clean with the color of Red and White. The menu was pretty simple and reasonable. My sister in law ordered a Small Lasagna but it was huge. And all the entree we ordered came with a side ceaser salad, which was pretty big plate as well. My sister in law’s meal was the cheapest (about $6.50) and most delicious among all of our dishes. So here is the picture of her wise choice Small Lasagna & Salad.
Small lasagna at Pomodoro Ceaser Salad at Pomodoro

I don’t have a good comment on this restaurant either bad comment. It was an average Italian Restaurant. I guess the price wise, they were quite reasonable.

So after the Manhattan Beach, we went to get some grocery at the Trader Joe’s on Sunset Blvd. ( I LIKE Trader Joe’s. This store makes me smile BIG! Their own branded products are well selected and customer friendly price! We usually buy their Pecan Pralines and yes we bought two boxed this time. They are sooooooooooooooooooooo good and sinful but worth it, cuz it is only $4 ~ $5.
You cannot buy Pecan Pralines at other organic markets for this price.

Trader Joe’s Pecan Pralines
TJ Pecan Pralines

I hope that Trader Joe’s will open their stores here in Denver Metro Area. I cannot wait for their arrival!

The other store that we went was Nijiya Market Japanese Organic Grocery store. (
They have variety of bento box (lunch box) with organic rice and vegetables. They even have some sushi (Maki & Nigiri) which are reasonable and great quality. We got some of sushi box for our appetizer for the night.

Nijiya Sushi
Sushi from Nijiya

After the shopping, we went to my brother’s house and we decided to make some dinners. My sister is law is from Osaka, where the Okonomiyaki is very famous for. ( We had enough ingredients that she made her famous Osaka Style Okonomiyaki for our dinner. Sorry everyone, I wish I had her recipe but I don’t… so here is the picture of what Okonomiyaki looks like…

Osaka Style Okonomiyaki
Okonomiyaki by Sister in law

The best description of Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake. The pancake that has thin sliced pork, shredded cabbage, and some other Japanese ingredients. And eat with this bbq kind of sweet and salty soy base sauce with mayo on the side. It is delicious! There is a Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki but I like Osaka Style better.

Here is the brothers having good time with Japanese Beer Kirin & Okonomiyaki!
Brothers at the House

Overall, Saturday was full of events with good meals! Especially my sister in laws famous Okonomiyaki was really really good, completed my day! I cannot make Okonomiyaki as good as my sister in law, but when you visit our house, I can cook Osaka Style Okonomiyaki for you!

Happy Eating!
Mrs. H

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