Wynn Brunch in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, is usually not the first place I think of when preparing for any amazing meal. Mainly because I don’t want to spend the national deficit to enjoy my meal. I understand that “lavish and plentiful” are the mantras of most of the establishments on the strip, but the buffet ritual has always been a mystery to me. In most of my experiences I have at some point been dragged, kicking and screaming, into a buffet and of course ruing my party members after the fact.

I see buffets as a trough, rather than a culinary experience. We all collectively stick our heads into the feedbag and consume everything until we are roughly double our initial body weight. How does one get the unique and delicate sensory pleasures from the quantity.

Wynn has some how solved this puzzle. The buffet itself is for brunch and like all good buffets there are endless rows of options, non of which at first glance seem unappetizing. White plates, good lighting, nice silverware, polite and timely wait-staff all seem to following the silent rhythm of the eatery. There is this sort of natural pace, like a ballroom dance that is going on all around me. I am enchanted to say the least.

On the food, which is why all three of you are reading this, there were not only excellent offerings and variety but an ingenious portion control system built into the display of excess. Excellent squid ceviche , smoked salmon, delicately rolled spicy tuna sushi, single serving eggs benedict and roasted meats were only some of the offerings on my plate.

The price tag was $40 for the champagne brunch, which was excellent I might add, there was an endless supply of mimosas that had a decently sweet alcohol added to it, the flavors of every dish there were precise, clean and fresh. There was no apparent overly oily texture to anything and with every countries favorite items available you could really take your time and enjoy a brunch from around the globe.

The beautiful thing about the portioning from the quiche to the waffles was the size. Nothing was too big. You could really have an expansive tapas like breakfast assortment and know exactly when you have had enough. There was no racing compulsion to consume everything I saw before me thanks to the presentation and execution of each dish.

I would gladly loosen a belt buckle to enjoy the offerings of the Wynn brunch anytime, and so should you.


Hungry man Zach

4 responses to “Wynn Brunch in Las Vegas”

  1. I’m one of the three people who read your blog! YAY!

    Don’t worry, keep writing and more people will visit. You sure know how to make someone hungry.

  2. Glad you were able to find a great buffet experience. I loved your comment about spending the national deficit to enjoy a meal. Alex is correct, keep writing and visiting other blogs and more people will venture this way. You have great writing skills so you are already ahead of the game with most bloggers.

  3. I am planning to take my foodie Mom there this coming weekend…do they serve straight-up Cava, too, or just the Mimosas? This will make a difference to Mrs. Freixenet, who does not like Mimosas. Food? I have read much about the food – some love it, some dislike it intensely. What do you think it is about this buffet that some find distasteful? How do you score an atrium seat? T

  4. Tatjana,

    As for Mimosas, you can have the champagne straight up without any OJ and vice versa plus there is an abundance of coffee and and other beverages.
    The only thing that I can imagine as being unappealing to people is the quantity of seafood and lack of large amounts of typical American breakfast food. Americans don’t typically eat ceviche as a morning dish, and there was a lack of bovine variety options.
    As for the Atrium seat, I personally didn’t sit there so I am not sure how to acquire it. Maybe asking one of the hostess’s if they can direct you.

    Hope this helps