Baked Coconut Donuts

Hi there! New recipe here for you!

This recipe uses Metric measurement. Majority of digital scale should have ability to choose between Metric or English, don’t be afraid of using Metric measurement!

Whether Metric or English, I like to bake cakes and breads by weigh. There are a bit more work but once you get used to it, you would enjoy this way and you’ll notice that the final product comes out the same every time! = Success!

Here is the recipe!

Baked Coconut Donuts

Baked Coconut Donuts


1. Rice Flour – 100g
2. Baking Powder – 1 Teaspoon
3. Egg – 1 Large
4. Agave Nectar – 2 Tablespoon (You can totally substitute with Sugar but I’ll increase the amount to 3 Tsp)
5. Heavy Cream – 70ml (You can totally substitute with MILK!)
6. Coconut Oil (Melted) – 20g
7. Vanilla Extract – 1 Teaspoon


1. Measure Rice Flour and Baking Powder and put them in a bowl. Mix them well.
2. Wisk an Egg in a bowl and add Agave Nectar, Heavy Cream, and Vanilla Extract, and mix them really well.
3. Add melted Coconut Oil to the Egg mixture, and mix really well.
4. Pour the batter to the greased donuts pan and bake in 355F to 360F for 15 to 20 minutes.
5. Eat Donuts!!

This donuts is NOT sweet sweet donuts that you get from donuts shop. So I recommend to dust these donuts with powdered sugar or covered with chocolate sauce if you like sweet donuts.

This is perfect sweetness for me and especially in the morning with my coffee!! And frankly speaking, these donuts are pretty healthy (minus the heavy cream!) and Gluten Free!

Try this recipe and let me know what you think!

Mrs. H

4HB Diet Week 1 Result & Binge Day! / 4 Hour Body ダイエット 1週目 結果 とご褒美の日!

Today is our binge day!!! Yeeeeeeess!!! I don’t know about Mr. Z but I am really really extremely extremely excited about today!! I could not stop thinking about a slice of dense creamy chocolate cake with whipped cream on top. I mean “Sugar Please!!”
今日は、1週間に一回の「ご褒美の日」、何を食べても良い日でーす! Mr. Zは分かりませんが、私は朝からもうウキウキ! ずっと、クリーミーで濃いチョコレートケーキとホイップクリームのことを考えていて、今日ついにそれが食べられるのです~!! マジ嬉しい・・・

Well, before the binge starts, we must weigh ourselves and measure bicep, thigh, waist and hip. I got up first! and weigh myself…. he he he… I lost total 3.4lb in 1 week without exercise! And next Mr. Z weigh himself…. OMG, he lost total 5lb in 1 week without exercise!! We are VERY pleased by this results!
さてさて、ご褒美の日が本格的に始まる前にしないといけないこと、体重の測定、そして、二の腕、太もも、ウエスト、そしてヒップの測定! まずは、私から、体重の測定・・・・ ゥフフフ なんと3.4lb(1.5kgぐらいかな、Kgにするとたいしたことないね・・・)1週間で減りました! そして、ザックは5lbも(2.5kgぐらいかな)も痩せちゃってます! 体重だけで、これだけ変化するって、予想外でとても満足!

Next, we measured our bicep, thigh, waist, and hip. My bicep was almost exactly the same. My thigh went down about 1.5 inches from right thigh, also 1.5 inches from left thigh. My waist went down by 1.5inch. And at last my hip was the same…. Total, I went down by about 4.5 inches!!
次ー! 二の腕、太もも、ウェストとヒップの測定です。 まずは、私から、二の腕は変化なし。 太ももは、両モモとも3センチずつ減ってました! ウエストも3センチ減ってました~! ヒップ、変化なし・・・ 体総合で11cm減ってました。 これって、ちょっとすごくない?

Next, Mr. Z, his bicep was almost the same. His thigh went down by about 2 inches from the right thigh and 1 inch from the left thigh. His waist went down by about 1.5 inches. And his hip was about the same. Total, he went down by about 3.5 inches!
さて、Mr. Zですが、二の腕変化なし。 太ももは、右太ももが4cm減、左太ももが1.5cm減、ウェストも3.5cm減! ヒップは変化ほぼなしです。 体総合で9cm減!

Yes, we will continue this diet at least 3 more weeks. We think we can do it. It is not that hard after all because we won’t get hungry. You may have some craving for sugar, starch, and fruits but you can eat them once a week. This results encouraged us to continue this diet A LOT!
はい、続けます。 このダイエット続けちゃいます! 少なくとも後3週間! 確かに、食事制限はありますが、とにかくこのダイエットでお腹がすくことがない! 時には、甘いものや、パン、ご飯、フルーツ食べたいなーって思うときもありますが、1週間に一度は食べられるし・・・ とにかく、この結果で、かなり戦闘心、燃えてます! 頑張るぞ~!!

So as I mentioned earlier, today is our binge day! You can eat whatever you want but 4HB said it recommends us to eat high protein food in the morning and before the 2nd meal, drink a glass of grapefruit juice. So we did eat a very small but high protein breakfast. 1 egg & pork & spinach scramble plus guacamole and salsa / person.
さて、上にも書きましたように、今日はご褒美の日! しかし、4HBはご褒美の日も、ハイプロテインの食事からはじめ、2食目の前にグレープフルーツジュースを飲むように進めているので、取りあえず、少なめに、1つの卵でスクランブルエッグを残りのポークとホウレン草で作って、ワカモレとサルサで食べてみました。

4HB Day 7 Binge Day High Protein Breakfast

Next, we decided to go to 24 Dinner to have Chicken & Waffle! So we went there to have lunch! We ordered a glass of grapefruit juice and Coffee. I ordered the 1/2 size of Chicken & Waffle just because I know their normal volume is huge. Mr. Z ordered a glass of beer “Ommegang Aphrodie” and Chef’s Waffle = Apple Cinnamon Waffle!
さて次々、ダウンタウンにある24 Dinerというお店に、ランチを食べに行くことを決めていたので、早速そちらに向かうことに! まず最初に、グレープフルーツジュースとコーヒーを注文。 そして私は、フライドチキンとワッフルのハーフサイズを! Mr. Zはシェフスペシャルワッフルで、普通サイズの林檎をキャラメルとシナモンでソテーされたものが乗っているワッフルを注文! Mr. Zは”Ommegang Aphrodie“と言うシャンパンのようなビールも注文。

Omegang Aphrodie

Chicken & Waffle 1/2 Size

Chef's Waffle

The lunch was served and smelled good and tasted good! We were so happy for this binge day. Our 1/2 way down to the meal, we both realized that we were already full…. 🙁 “What!! We only had 1/2!! I mean my order is 1/2 size to begin with!! What is going on?” And we both started sweating… and it was weird sweat… I think the sugar was doing something to our body. So it was really really really really really disappointed and unfortunate but we only finished 1/2 of the meal and left the place.
オーダーしたランチが運ばれてきました~! イエーイ!! さてさて、お味はと言いますと、美味しいに決まってるじゃーん!! メープルシロップたっぷりのワッフルとフライドチキン! しかし、大変なことが起こってしまいました。 半分ぐらい食べ終わった地点で、2人ともお腹一杯・・・ 「ちょっと、私のワッフルとチキンなんてハーフサイズなのに、食べきれないって~!!!!どういうこと~!! いや~~~、悔しい~~~!!!」 Mr. Zも一緒、半分の地点で、ギブです・・・ 考えられない・・・ そしたら2人とも、脂汗をかき始めて・・・ 「ええええええええええええ、砂糖だ! 体が砂糖の分解で忙しいのかな?」と結局、とても悔しく残念なことに、半分だけ食べて、お店を出ることになりました。

Sad Moment

We are not sure what we are going to do for dinner… I am certainly not sure about my desert now… 4HB is doing something to our body and probably good thing to our body. Next week, I may not have much sugar crave like I had this week. Well, now I am planning the meal plan for next week. I will introduce that to you on my next blog! Stay tuned!!
いやー、この調子でいくと、夕飯何食べよう・・ デザート食べるの、ちょっと怖くなってきた・・・ 4HBのおかげ?で、体の具合が変化してるみたいです。 多分、良い変化でしょう。 ってか、そう思いたい・・・ さてさて、来週のメニュープランをそろそろ考えなくては。 考え次第、次のブログでお伝えしまーす! 乞うご期待!

Mrs. H

Cupcakes are a form of currency


Cupcakes, the only people that don’t like cupcakes are the soulless monsters that live in the shadows of Rachel Ray’s imagination. These precious delights can be easily overdone with the offerrings in most super markets and local specialty stores. The fine line between comfort treat that your mom or grandmother made and the specialty gourmet sugar shops is starting to blur. But I always think that something that is made for you specifically is always more delicious than what is made to impress the public. Continue reading

H’s One Bowl Brownie

If you have 1 hour, you can make this amazing moist and rich coco taste brownie!
So here we go, you should try tomorrow!

1. 1/4 Cup Coco Powder
2. 1 Tablespoon Espresso Powder
3. 1 Stick Melted Butter
4. 2 Large Eggs
5. 1/2 Cups Sugar
6. 1/2 Cup Flower
7. 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder
7. 1 Tablespoon Vanilla Extract

1. Preheat the oven to 375F
2. Add Coco Powder and Espresso Powder to the Melted Butter and mix well
3. Add Sugar to this mixture and mix well
4. Add Eggs to this mixture and mix well
5. Add Flour and Baking Powder to this mixture and mix well
6. Pour this mixture to the greased 8×6 baking pan and bake for 30 minutes
IMG_0608 IMG_0609

Seriously, this is it. As you can tell from the pictures, I just kept adding the ingredients to the one bowl and mixing it, and going to the oven. How easy it can be!!

Here is the final product.
I whipped some heavy cream and put on top of the slice of brownie. Yes!! This completed my day!

Happy Baking!
Mrs H

New York Our Dream Land…

First, I’d like to apologize those who actually read our blog… it has been two weeks since our last food blog update… Well, we were in NYC two weeks ago for 5 days, which was awesome (except my company trip), we had so much fun walking around the city, wondering around villages, and Brooklyn…

I have so much to tell you how awesome NYC was… Food wise, NYC MUST have high quality and inexpensive food because of the very serious food industry competition. I mean, you can go to the most expensive restaurant in the city and satisfy your taste buzz, but Zach and I like to go inexpensive and high quality food… So here we go, I’d like to introduce you the three exciting NYC eatery, first the magnificent cup cake!

Magnolia Bakery NYC
Bakery Outside
I was recommended this place by one of my best friends. The first night we were there in NYC, we were wondering around the times square and found this magnificent Cup Cake Bakery! I was planning to visit but it was destiny we just came across to this store. So we did not resist but went into the store immediately and purchased 4 delicious Cup cakes!

Amazing Cupcakes Banana & Carmel Cupkae
We got a Chocolate Cup Cake, Vanilla Cup Cake, Red Velvet Cup Cake, and Banana Caramel Cup Cake. I dived right into the Banana Caramel Cup Cake so I forgot to take picture of this Cup Cake as a whole… sorry… the Cake was so moist, the balance of Caramel frosting and the Banana Cake were just right. Not too sweet but definitely you can taste both main components of this Cup Cake.

A Chocolate and Vanilla Cup Cake were okay, not so exciting… but the Cream Cheese frosting was extraordinary. I noticed that their frosting was not so sweet but just right to compliment the actual Cake.

OMG, Red Velvet Cup Cake… super moist, looks super red devilish, but just right amount of Coco hitting with the creamy frosting… I don’t think I have ever had such moist Cup Cake ever in my life!!

The second amazing eatery in NYC is located at Little Italy… Da Gennaro Restaurant

One of our dearest friends took us there said “The best Gnocchi Ever!” I was really excited because literally I have never had good Gnocchi in my life. The Gnocchi that I had tasted before was always mushy or gummy and too starchy… I made it myself once and that experience was disappointed. Another fact that I was excited about this experience because we were going to eat an Italian food in Little Italy in NYC. I mean it may be the closest you can get to eat the real authentic Italian Food, don’t you think?? Well, with all these exciting facts, we arrived at Da Gennaro Restaurant in Little Italy NYC!

The Italian Feast!
Little Italy Feast
This is something I ordered, which has Gnocchi with Pesto, Fetachini Alfredo, and Totellini Boroneze, just like Italian Flag the meal was nicely presented in the white plate. Guess what I ate first in this plate? Yes, you guessed it right, Gnocchi with Pesto, as our friend describes as the BEST Gnocchi. He was right, it was an amazing Gnocchi, it is soft, creamy, and melt in your mouth. The pest was just right with Basil, Garlic, and Olive Oil… I am sure there is some nuts and cheese in this sauce but it did not overcome the actual Gnocchi taste. It was divined!! Fetachini Alfredo was amazing as well, the cream sauce was soft and light, the pasta was cooked as al dente, and I think it was home made pasta at the restaurant. Tottelini Boroneze, the right amount of Tomato hits the meat sauce with the creamy Tottelini Pasta, it was awesome… Look at this amazing dish one more time. Please go visit Da Gennaro when you are in NYC, you won’t regret it.
Little Italy The Three Amazing Pasta

Last and at least, I was recommended this Pizza place from two of our good friends. This New York Famous Pizza place is located under the Brooklyn Bridge.
Store Outside Grimaldis Outside Tile 2

Grimaldi’s Pizza
The fact was that Zach and I skipped Breakfast and Lunch on this day because we were so excited to go eat this famous New York Pizza in Brooklyn. After the long walk of the Brooklyn Bridge, we were so excited to find this Pizzeria with the ridiculously long line at 2pm.
Long line at 2pm
Line at 2pm
Long line behind us at 2;30pm
Line behind us at 230pm
Well well well, by looking at this long line at 2pm on Sunday, we realized it was a confirmation of the Best Pizza in NYC. So we decided to stay in the line wait for our breakfast/lunch/early dinner patiently.
Hungry Couple
Hungry Couple
We waited for 1.5 hours and we arrived in front of the entrance. We felt that 1.5 hours past right by but the last 5 minutes right in front of the entrance felt another hour of waiting. We got seated and we ordered a large Margarita Pizza and the waiters recommendation of the Pepperoni Sausage and Mushroom Pizza. Also we ordered a Brooklyn Beer and Brooklyn Orange Soda.
Brookly Beverage Brooklyn Orange Soda
You need to ask Zach for the Brooklyn Beer cuz I did not drink it. The Brooklyn Orange Soda was very refreshing not like Fanta Orange… yuck. But you know after skipping breakfast, lunch and walking cross the Brooklyn Bridge, at that point, a glass of Fanta Orange could taste pretty good… 😉

Here are the Pizza Margarita & Pepperoni Sausage Mushroom Pizza.
Best Margarita Pizza Pepparoni Sausage Mushroom
No wonder why people want their pizza. The Pizza Margarita was amazing with the intense Tomato Sauce, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, and Basil. The Tomato Sauce tested like fresh Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese was creamy and slightly tangy, and Basil was very aromatic. The crust was very thin that crunchy, it was an amazing pizza I have ever had.
Margarita Slice Thin PizzaCan you tell by this pic how thin the crust is?
The Pepperoni Sausage Mushroom Pizza recommended by the waiter was amazing as well. The Pepperoni tasted amazing itself. The Pepperoni and Sausage were not greasy like you imagine. It seems that the oil from the meats incorporated with the mushroom and the thin crust, which balanced really nicely. I usually do not like two meats on one pizza but this was an exceptionally tasty meat Pizza!

Oh I miss you NYC. Zach and I are actually thinking about moving to NYC. This city has such a wonderful history and great food! People are actually pretty nice. Right after we got back to Denver, I stared looking for an apartment in NYC and jobs. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, we hope to go visit NYC soon again or move to NYC soon… 🙂 until then, we’ll keep dreaming about the NYC life.

Happy Eating!!
Mrs H