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  • 4HB Diet Week 1 / 4 Hour Body ダイエット 1週目

    We decided to do 4HB Diet and I needed to make the meal plan for this week. ダイエットをすると決めたからには、しないとね・・・ 4HB・・・ まずはメニュー作りから! 4HB actually encourages you not to have creative meal plan. They recommend you to eat the same meal over and over so that you don’t have to take time to think about meal plan = […]

  • Christmas Eve 2010

    Having relocated the base of operations to the great state of Texas, I am now beginning to see the realities of a year round love affair with Carts, Tacos and Beers. Reflecting on the last few months of food-scapades I am suddenly jerked into the realization that I have only just begun.

  • Japanese Washoku

    (Which should be subtitled, 13 dishes in a row that no human should be able to finish or perhaps how to eat yourself to death, Japanese style.) Anyone who has ever told you that the reason that Japanese people are so thin is that they eat less than westerners do is a complete and utter […]

  • Nagasaki Champon & Sala-Udon

    Nagasaki city is famous for many things, non the least is the Chukagai ( or Chinatown ) that is located near the center of the downtown area. You may find it strange that what is called the Chinatown, really only consists of about 4 or 5 square blocks of small gift shops, herbalists, message parlors […]

  • Mexican Casserole

    This is a recipe from one of my dearest friends Mrs. A. First time I had this dish at her house, my mind was blown away! The salty taco seasoning, shredded chicken, and creamy and cheesy sauce… Mrs. A was nice enough to share her recipe. I twisted her recipe just a little but not […]