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  • New York Our Dream Land…

    First, I’d like to apologize those who actually read our blog… it has been two weeks since our last food blog update… Well, we were in NYC two weeks ago for 5 days, which was awesome (except my company trip), we had so much fun walking around the city, wondering around villages, and Brooklyn… I […]

  • Le Central the BEST French Restaurant in Denver

    Friday 10/16, right after work, we wanted to go out right away after the work to start out weekend fabulous! We thought about going to get a gourmet burger… that’s not so fabulous… thought about going to the Cherry Creek North, they usually have great restaurant selections… but then we did not want to drive […]

  • Pork Coke Roast in the Slow Cooker

    Ahhhh, slow cooker! What a genius dinner helper for a busy working wife. Zach’s Mom gave us her slow cooker about 3 years ago, I like this slow cooker, it is a perfect size for two 🙂 I like to use slow cooker once in a while usually winter time. So I can make roast, […]

  • Pho 78 Westminster Colorado

    Beef broth, tendons, tripe, rare beef, brisket, flank steak, bean sprouts, basil, rice noodles, shiratcha, jalapeno, lime and sour plum sauce. This dynamic list of ingredients results in nothing less than the Vietnamese equivalent to ramen. Let me paint the rest of this succulent picture. Before you a white paper bag that contains your tools […]

  • My First Chili Con Carne

    So I asked my Facebook Friends, “What should I cook for dinner tonight?!” Some of my faithful friends responded “Chili Con Carne”. Well, this is my first time but the Chili Con Carne will be perfect for this weather (It is cold outside… it was snowing yesterday…). So I decided to tackled on the “Chili […]