Cinnamon rolls grilled

Most Fridays I decide that the week has been so busy and that I have accomplished so much, that I deserve to treat myself to some kind of edible reward. Often this will manifest itself in the afternoon with a beer at one of the local Boulder pubs (more on these in the future). But today’s unique experience lead me to pick up a grilled cinnamon roll from the Unseen Bean.

I always have a hard time convincing myself to enjoy sweet things at breakfast. I usually will go for the protein as my blood sugar will spike and I will feel really sick. With that in mind, it is a rare instance for me to order any sort of sweet first thing in the morning. But after pinning over the selection, I spied a small cinnamon roll sitting the front of the case all by its lonesome.

He seemed to be an omen of good fortune, and so I asked our baristess to prepare him for consumption. After about 2 minutes on the panini grill he had been transformed into some kind of warm morsel of comfort. Richly filled with chopped pecans, ground wheat, cinnamon and a light glaze, the swirled pastry tore apart in my hands soft but firmly bite after bite.

There really is nothing quite as spectacular as something so comforting and warm in the morning. The best part was that there was very little overbearing sweetness. If this had been acquired at a grocery store, the entire experience would have left me in a diabetic coma. But to my surprise and enjoyment, this tender offering was a well balanced combination of richness and texture. The pronounced aroma and taste of cinnamon was excellent and combined with the crunch of the now warmed pecan chunks, left a feeling of utter satisfaction lingering on until past the noon hour.

Thanks to the great staff at the Unseen Bean for making this morning’s non-traditional breakfast a pleasant one.

3 cheers!


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